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$800 Flat Fee Trademark Application includes the following:


  1. Initial Telephone/Email consultation and evaluation of your company and Intellectual Property to determine the type and scope of trademark(s) you need.

  2. Check availability of your trademark(s) and assess the risk of using them through a standard search of the USPTO’s database.

  3. Prepare and file federal trademark application for your trademark(s).

  4. Advise you on the process of your trademark registration from application to approval.

  5. Forward important status updates from the USPTO.

  6. Mailing your registration certificate to you (upon receipt).

  7. Advise you on the use of your trademarks to maximize protection.

  8. Government filing fees.


    Additional classes can be added to the application for $400 each (broadening protection to other types of goods or services offered by your business, if applicable). Flat-fee trademark work requires payment of the fee up front. A response from the Trademark office normally takes 7-12 months. If further tasks need to be completed, such as responding to an office action, they can be performed at the firm's regular hourly rate. This is an offer only. A consultation with one of our attorneys and signing of a retainer agreement is required to hire the firm and begin representation.

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